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Sabot: Quiz


Question 1: Shotgun sabots in general extend the full length of the projectile and are designed to be used in ________ barrels.
Cartridge (firearms)FirearmInternal ballisticsRifling

Question 2: When used with a ________ slug barrel, they offer vastly improved accuracy compared to traditional shotgun slugs.
FirearmCartridge (firearms)Internal ballisticsRifling

Question 3: Sabots are used to fire the flechettes that form anti-armour ________.
Depleted uraniumKinetic energy penetratorShell (projectile)Tank

Question 4: For reasons why a smaller diameter projectile can be desirable, see ________ and terminal ballistics.
Ballistic coefficientForceExternal ballisticsInternal ballistics

Question 5: The term is also applied to a battery stub case, a device used similarly to make a small electrical battery usable in a device designed to employ a larger battery; see ________.
AA batteryNine-volt batteryButton cellList of battery sizes

Question 6: They are now legal for ________ in most states.
HuntingRed FoxGray WolfRaccoon

Question 7: ________ often use a cast plastic sabot similar to the spindle sabot.
FirearmSlug barrelShotgun slugAccurizing


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