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Sabbath: Quiz


Question 1: Commemorating a famous Boer victory over the Zulu, the anniversary and its commemoration are intimately connected with various streams of ________ and South African nationalism.
AfrikanerSouth Africa under apartheidEthnic GermansAnglo-African

Question 2: From 1929 to 1931, the ________ mandated a five-day week, with each day designated by color as a state rest day for a different 20% of the workforce; families usually did not share rest days.
Soviet UnionRussiaJoseph StalinEast Germany

Question 3: Customarily, Shabbat is ushered in by lighting ________ shortly before sunset, at halakhically calculated times that change from week to week and from place to place.
CandleKerosene lampIncandescent light bulbFluorescent lamp

Question 4: Three of them occur in spring: the first and seventh days of Pesach (Passover), and Shavuot (________).
Easter MondayEasterPentecostGreat Lent

Question 5: Thirty-nine activities prohibited on Shabbat are listed in Tractate Shabbat (________).
MidrashJewish philosophyRabbinic literatureTalmud

Question 6: Russia and ________, and formerly the Soviet Union, also have declared Saturday a workday in lieu of a nearby Friday or Monday, if the contiguous Thursday or Tuesday is a public holiday.

Question 7: The ________, occurring every 29 or 30 days, is an important separately sanctioned occasion in Judaism and some other faiths.
Full moonIslamic calendarMonthNew moon

Question 8: ________ has declared a working Saturday as an unofficial monthly occurrence.

Question 9: The jewish Shabbat (shabbos, shabbes, shobos, etc.) is a weekly day of rest, observed from sundown on ________ until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night; it is also observed by a minority of Christians.
FridayThursdayWednesdayWeek-day names

Question 10: The pentecontad calendar, thought to be of ________ origin, includes a period known to Babylonians as shappatum.


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