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Question 1: As a result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the new state was incorporated into the Soviet Union in June 1940 as the ________.
Lithuanian Soviet Socialist RepublicEstonian Soviet Socialist RepublicLatvian Soviet Socialist RepublicEastern Bloc

Question 2: In 1559, the bishopric and Saaremaa were sold to Denmark, becoming part of ________.
Livonian CrusadeDanish EstoniaTerra MarianaLivonia

Question 3: In ________, the Estonian islands were conquered by Imperial German Army in October 1917 and occupied (Operation Albion) until the end of hostilities.
Western Front (World War I)Armenian GenocideWorld War ICaucasus Campaign

Question 4: Saaremaa (German: Ösel, Swedish: Ösel, Danish: Øsel, Finnish: Saarenmaa) is the largest island belonging to ________, measuring 2,673 km².

Question 5: The explosion that caused the craters is estimated to have happened 660 ± 85 B.C. (________).
Pleistocene10th millennium BCHoloceneGeologic time scale

Question 6: Saaremaa is reached by ________ from Virtsu on the Estonian mainland to Muhu island, which is itself connected to Saaremaa by a causeway, the Väinatamm.
Zero-fare public transportCable ferryHovercraftFerry

Question 7: The island was occupied by Nazi Germany in 1941 (Operation Beowulf); German troops remained there until expelled by the Red Army in the ________ in October and November 1944.
Tallinn OffensiveBattle for Narva BridgeheadKingisepp–Gdov OffensiveMoonsund Landing Operation

Question 8: It is possible to fly from Kuressaare to Tallinn by ________, and there are also seasonal flights to Pärnu and Stockholm.
Skyways ExpressBlue1Scandinavian AirlinesEstonian Air

Question 9: There was a Soviet air base at Aste during the ________.
Joseph StalinCentral Intelligence AgencyCold WarVietnam War

Question 10: According to ________ finds, the territory of Saaremaa has been inhabited for at least 5000 years.
MiningEngineeringArchaeologyCivil engineering

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