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SaGa Frontier 2: Quiz


Question 1: [9] In January 2000, the game was released in that region by ________, and was made available in the PAL region the following March.
EnixSquare Co.Square EnixDigiCube

Question 2: Initially released in Japan in April 1999, an English version was made available in North America in January 2000 by ________ and in the PAL region the following March by Squaresoft.
Square EnixSquare Co.EnixDigiCube

Question 3: Development for the title was headed by series creator Akitoshi Kawazu, with music by ________.
Nobuo UematsuJunya NakanoMasashi HamauzuKenji Ito

Question 4: SaGa Frontier 2 is a ________ featuring two-dimensional character sprites on hand-drawn backgrounds.
Tactical role-playing gameAction role-playing gameComputer role-playing gameRole-playing video game

Question 5: The game features an art style unique to the series at the time it was released, utilizing hand-painted ________ backdrops and characters to give the game a storybook feel.
PaintingVictoria and Albert MuseumWash (painting)Watercolor painting

Question 6: A promotional movie for SaGa Frontier 2 was included on the Squaresoft 2000 Collector's CD Vol. 3, which was packaged with the initial North American release of ________.
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsFinal Fantasy TacticsFinal Fantasy XIIVagrant Story

Question 7: [3] SaGa Frontier 2's graphics were also praised by ________ who called the game "beautiful" with a "romantic soundtrack that is of the utmost quality.

Question 8: The North American version was announced at the 1999 ________ in Los Angeles by Squaresoft.
Entertainment for AllGames ConventionGamescomElectronic Entertainment Expo

Question 9: [8] New features not seen in the previous SaGa Frontier title include compatibility with the PlayStation's ________ analog controller and PocketStation peripheral device for accessing additional content.
DualShockPlayStation NetworkPlayStation 3 accessoriesPlayStation 3

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