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Question 1: According to these religions, one's karmic "account balance" at the time of ________ is inherited via the state at which a person is reborn.
BurialDeathDeath and cultureImmortality

Question 2: Reincarnation was adopted from this religious culture by Brahmin orthodoxy, and Brahmins first wrote down scriptures containing these ideas in the early ________.
Bhagavad GitaUpanishadsRigvedaVedas

Question 3: To understand the concept of Saṃsāra it is important to know about the six realms, rebirth, karma, and ________-nature or the liberation from the suffering.
Buddhism and HinduismBodhiNirvanaBuddhism

Question 4: This grounds one in kāma (desire) and the perpetual chain of ________ and reincarnation.

Question 5: All ________ believe that each living-being, be it an ant or a human, is destined to attain moksha.
JainismIndian religionsHinduismBuddhism

Question 6: The concept of samsara (along with ________, reincarnation, and moksha) was likely first developed in India by non-Aryan people outside of the caste system.

Question 7: Broadly speaking, the holy life (________) which leads to liberation is a path of self-purification by which the effects of sins are released.

Question 8: These bodies developed over the yugas through involution (emanating from higher planes to lower planes) and evolution (returning from lower planes to higher planes), including by karma and reincarnation in various states of ________.
ConsciousnessHenri BergsonIdeaGottfried Leibniz

Question 9: reincarnation) within Buddhism, Bön, ________, Jainism, Sikhism, Vaishnavism and other related religions.
HinduismIndian religionsAyyavazhiReligious text

Question 10: Through ascetic practice one finally attains sanctity and liberation (________ or mukti) - the equivalent of salvation in Indian religions.
KarmaDharmaDeva (Buddhism)Moksha


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