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Question 1: On 20 Aug 1991, SAE was publicly listed on the ________.
Exchange-traded fundCapital marketSingapore ExchangeSingapore International Monetary Exchange

Question 2: It fires projectiles to a maximum range of 42 km using special extended range ammunition that was field tested in ________.
New ZealandUnited KingdomNauruAustralia

Question 3: The ________ also indicated plans to purchase 420 units and to produce the Terrex under license locally.
JakartaIndonesian National Armed ForcesAcehIndonesian Army

Question 4: St Kinetics is also collaborating with Australia's ________ and Electro Optics System to develop a new high-speed and recoilless 40 mm grenade launcher called the Redback Lightweight.
Arms industryAustralian Securities ExchangeFirearmMetal Storm

Question 5: ST Kinetics (Chinese: 新科动力________: Xīnkē Dònglì) is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of ST Engineering.
ISO/IEC 646ISO/IEC 8859-3PinyinISO/IEC 8859-8

Question 6: (________), Britain's (AS90 Braveheart), Japan's (Type 75) and Russia's (2S3M1) were either too heavy, at over 50 tons, or too wide, beyond 3m, for the tropical rainforest and swampy terrains.
M109 howitzerM2 Browning machine gunIsraelGulf War

Question 7: Given the initial charter of CIS to support the local defence requirements, the main defence customer of ST Kinetics remains to be the ________ (SAF).
Singapore Armed ForcesSri Lanka Armed ForcesLebanese Armed ForcesMyanmar Armed Forces

Question 8: The rifle incorporates various patented safety features, such as a ________ cheek plate and overpressure vent that protects the shooter in the unlikely event of a chamber explosion or catastrophic failure.
DuPontWallace CarothersKevlarNomex

Question 9: It also has an integral 1.5x ________ scope that is built into its carrying handle.
Transparency and translucencyOptical fiberOpticsAnti-reflective coating

Question 10: The FH-2000 is a 155 mm 52-calibre towed ________ gun and the "first 52 calibre field howitzer in service and in series production".
ArtilleryCannonHowitzerTrench warfare

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