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Question 1: STS-132 is scheduled to be the final flight of ________ Atlantis provided that the STS-335 Launch On Need rescue mission is not flown.
Space ShuttleAres VApollo programAres I

Question 2: STS-132 (ISS assembly flight ULF4)[3] is the last scheduled mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis to visit the ________, targeted for 14 May 2010.
MirSpace habitatInternational Space StationTreadmill with Vibration Isolation System

Question 3: Atlantis completed the milestone of ________ (SSME) installation in February 2010.
Space Shuttle Solid Rocket BoosterSpace Shuttle main engineSpace Shuttle external tankKennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39

Question 4: 132nd shuttle mission since ________

Question 5: MRM 1 arrived at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) aboard an ________ cargo plane at about 1 p.m.
Antonov An-225Antonov An-124Antonov An-12Antonov An-26


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