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Question 1: Sodar systems are like ________ (radio detection and ranging) systems except that sound waves rather than radio waves are used for detection.
Weather radarUltra high frequencyRadarX band

Question 2: Mono-static antenna systems can be divided into two categories: those using multiple axis, individual antennas and those using a single ________ antenna.
Dipole antennaAntenna (radio)Phased arrayLog-periodic antenna

Question 3: SODAR systems are used to measure wind speed at various heights above the ground, and the thermodynamic structure of the lower layer of the ________.
Extraterrestrial atmospheresGanymede (moon)AtmosphereNeptune

Question 4: The vertical range of sodars is approximately 0.2 to 2 kilometers (km) and is a function of ________, power output, atmospheric stability, turbulence, and, most importantly, the noise environment in which a sodar is operated.
FrequencyWaveSoundElectromagnetic radiation

Question 5: Commercial sodars operated for the purpose of collecting upper-air wind measurements consist of antennas that transmit and receive ________ signals.
OpticsClassical mechanicsPhysicsAcoustics

Question 6: Each of the individual antennas may use a single transducer focused into a parabolic reflector (dish), or an array of ________ drivers and horns (transducers) all transmitting in-phase to form a single beam.
TweeterLoudspeaker enclosureLoudspeakerSubwoofer


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