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Question 1: Humphrys describes ________ and textese as "irritating" and essentially lazy behaviors, and surmises that "sloppy" habits gained while using textese will result in students' growing ignorance of proper grammar and punctuation.
ASCIIEmoticonInternet forum2channel Shift JIS art

Question 2: November 2006: The ________ Qualifications Authority discourages the use of text abbreviations after suggesting that they may be used in certain subjects provided they clearly show the required understanding.
New ZealandNauruAustraliaUnited Kingdom

Question 3: This type of language does not always obey or follow standard ________; furthermore, the words used in the writing system are not found in standard dictionaries or recognized by language academies.
Generative grammarLinguisticsGrammarSyntax

Question 4:
  • This lengthy article talks about the rise of SMS messaging, the language used, precedents for abbreviated language in English and links to further contributions on the subject by ________ and Lynne Truss.
    Johnny VegasWill SelfJack DeeMatt Lucas

Question 5: Nanagh Kemp of ________, the evolution of ‘textese’ is inherently coupled to a strong grasp of grammar and phonetics.
Macquarie UniversityAustralian National UniversityUniversity of Newcastle, AustraliaUniversity of Tasmania

Question 6: The advent of ________ input and smartphones featuring full QWERTY keyboards may contribute to a reduction in its use.
Text messagingPredictive textT9 (predictive text)Mobile phone

Question 7: Welsh journalist and television reporter ________ has criticized SMS language as "wrecking our language".
WalesUnited KingdomGordon BrownJohn Humphrys

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