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Question 1: MOP drew the attention of the ________, where the program was ridiculed[8] and canceled a year after its start.
United States SenateUnited States Congress110th United States Congress111th United States Congress

Question 2: American astronomer (and occasional TV host) ________ and Soviet astronomer Iosif Shklovskii together wrote the pioneering book in the field, Intelligent Life in the Universe which was published in 1966.
Cosmos: A Personal VoyageCarl SaganNASACosmos (book)

Question 3:
When was Arecibo Observatory built?
ca. 1875

Question 4:
Who is Arthur C. Clarke's spouse?
Anupama Das
Marilyn Mayfield
Laura Cruickshank

Question 5: The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) has a long-standing SETI Permanent Study Group (SPSG, formerly called the IAA SETI Committee), which addresses matters of SETI ________, technology, and international policy.
SciencePseudoscienceSocial sciencesScientific method

Question 6: While most SETI sky searches have studied the radio spectrum, some SETI researchers have considered the possibility that alien civilizations might be using powerful ________ for interstellar communications at optical wavelengths.
Laser applicationsX-rayHeliumLaser

Question 7: On March 23, 1999 the 26-meter ________ on which Sentinel, META and BETA were based was blown over by strong winds and seriously damaged.
Karl Guthe JanskyRadio telescopeJodrell Bank ObservatoryRadio astronomy

Question 8:
What is the nationality of Carl Sagan?

Question 9: These computers give SETI@home an average computational power of 617 ________,[10] making it more powerful than Tianhe-I, the fifth most powerful computer in the world.

Question 10: This signal, dubbed the ________, is considered by some to be the most likely candidate from an artificial, extraterrestrial source ever discovered, but it has not been detected again in several additional searches.
Allen Telescope ArrayWow! signalArecibo ObservatorySETI

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