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Question 1: According to this explanation, East German political authorities were well aware of West German television's popularity and adopted SECAM rather than the PAL encoding used in ________.
Allied-occupied GermanyWest GermanyGerman EmpireEast Germany

Question 2: However, this is of dwindling importance: since 1980 most European domestic video equipment uses French-originated SCART connectors, allowing the transmission of ________ signals between devices.
Digital photographyColor photographyRGB color modelDigital camera

Question 3: Although the older analog camcorders (VHS, VHS-C) were produced in SECAM versions, none of the 8 mm or Hi-band models (S-VHS, S-VHS-C, and ________) recorded it directly.
Blu-ray DiscBetacam8 mm video formatDigital video

Question 4: First, SECAM uses ________ to encode chrominance information on the sub carrier.
Frequency modulationAmplitude modulationPhase-shift keyingModem

Question 5: SECAM, also written SÉCAM (Séquentiel couleur à mémoire[1], French for "Sequential Color with Memory"), is an analog color television system first used in ________.
FranceUnited KingdomItalyCanada

Question 6: TVs currently sold in SECAM countries support both SECAM and PAL, and more recently baseband ________ as well (though not usually broadcast NTSC, that is, they cannot accept a broadcast signal from an antenna).
Broadcast-safeBroadcast television systemsATSC (standards)NTSC

Question 7: Some former SECAM countries are in the process of migrating to ________ or have already finished doing so.

Question 8: Other countries, notably the United Kingdom and ________, briefly experimented with SECAM before opting for PAL.

Question 9: Thomson bought the company that developed PAL, Telefunken, and today even co-owns the ________ brand —RCA being the creator of NTSC.
RCA RecordsDavid SarnoffRCANBC

Question 10: Thomson also co-authored the ________ which is used for American high-definition TV.
ISDBBroadcast flagDigital Video BroadcastingATSC (standards)

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