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Question 1: But in presence of ________ generating system, acrylamide monomers are activated into a free-radical state.
Radical (chemistry)AntioxidantOxygenOxidative stress

Question 2: A combination of biochemical and mechanical techniques – including various types of filtration and ________ – can be used to separate different cell compartments and organelles.
CentrifugeEnriched uraniumLaboratory centrifugeHigh-G training

Question 3: ________ (Amino Acetic Acid) (C2H5NO2; mW: 75.07).
AlanineSerineGlutamic acidGlycine

Question 4: ________ (SDS) (C12H25NaO4S; mW: 288.38).
Magnesium sulfatePhenolphthaleinSodium lauryl sulfateSorbitol

Question 5: ________ (C3H5NO; mW: 71.08).
AcrylamideEthanolAmmoniaCarbon monoxide

Question 6: Mobilities of these proteins will be a linear function of the ________ of their molecular weights.
Group (mathematics)LogarithmNatural logarithmExponentiation

Question 7: This gel material can also withstand ________ gradients, feasible for various staining and destaining procedures, and can be digested to extract separated fractions or dried for autoradiography and permanent recording.
Nikola TeslaElectrical breakdownTesla coilHigh voltage

Question 8: This gel is prepared with Tris/HCl buffer pH 6.8 of about 2 pH units lower than that of electrophoresis buffer (Tris/________).
Glutamic acidGlycineAlanineSerine

Question 9: These activated monomers polymerise quickly and form long chain ________.
Polymer chemistryNylonPlasticPolymer

Question 10: It is also essential to store acrylamide in a cool dark and dry place to reduce autopolymerisation and ________.


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