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Question 1: Since its standardization in 1986, SCSI has been commonly used in the ________, Apple Macintosh and Sun Microsystems computer lines and PC server systems.
Amiga 4000Amiga 4000TAmiga 1200Amiga

Question 2: Serial attached SCSI uses a modified ________ data and power cable.
Parallel ATASerial ATAIEEE 1394 interfaceUniversal Serial Bus

Question 3: The first, still very common, was ________ (now also called SPI), which uses a parallel electrical bus design.
Serial attached SCSIParallel SCSIUniversal Serial BusBus (computing)

Question 4: Apple dropped on-board SCSI completely (in favor of IDE and ________) with the (Blue & White) Power Mac G3 in 1999.
Serial ATAIEEE 1394 interfaceUniversal Serial BusBus (computing)

Question 5: Serial SCSI has a number of advantages over parallel SCSI: faster data rates, ________ (some but not all parallel SCSI interfaces support it), and improved fault isolation.
C++Hot swappingC (programming language)Microsoft Visual Studio

Question 6: As of 2008, SPI is being replaced by ________ (SAS), which uses a serial design but retains other aspects of the technology.
Serial attached SCSIUniversal Serial BusSerial ATAFibre Channel

Question 7: iSCSI drops physical implementation entirely, and instead uses ________ as a transport mechanism.
InternetworkingTCP/IP modelApplication LayerInternet Protocol Suite

Question 8: iSCSI preserves the basic SCSI paradigm, especially the command set, almost unchanged, through embedding of SCSI-3 over ________.
InternetworkingApplication LayerInternet Protocol SuiteTCP/IP model

Question 9: Sun has switched its lower end range to ________ (SATA).
Parallel ATAIEEE 1394 interfaceSerial attached SCSISerial ATA

Question 10: USB Attached SCSI allows SCSI devices to use the ________.
PCI ExpressEIA-422Conventional PCIUniversal Serial Bus


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