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Question 1: It also became notorious for the overwhelming number of puzzle games for the system, something that Spectrum magazine ________ jokingly referred to on numerous occasions.
Amiga PowerAmiga FormatYour SinclairAmstrad Action

Question 2: The SAM Coupé (Pronounced: "Sam Coo-Pay" from its original ________ branding) is an 8-bit British home computer that was first released in late 1989.
British EnglishCanadian EnglishEnglish languageAmerican English

Question 3: Dave Whitmore - Sysop of Dalmation BBS in the mid-nineties, a dial-up ________ aimed at the SAM community.
Bulletin board systemCommodore 64FidoNetComputer art scene

Question 4: Slightly non-standard ________ connector offering composite video and digital and linear RGB.
Audio and video connectorSCARTRCA connectorHDMI

Question 5: It was originally manufactured by Miles Gordon Technology (MGT), based in ________ in the United Kingdom.

Question 6: ________-style 9-pin joystick port (dual capability with a splitter cable).
Atari InteractiveAtariAtari, Inc.Pong

Question 7: Mode 4 — 256×192, linear framebuffer, 4 ________ per pixel (16 colours) = 24 KB
ByteRecord (computer science)BitCharacter (computing)

Question 8: It is commonly considered a clone of the ________ computer, since it features a compatible screen mode and emulated compatibility, and it was marketed as a logical upgrade from the Spectrum.
ZX SpectrumSAM CoupéSinclair ResearchZX81

Question 9: The price of the SAM with ________ was brought down to under £200 and new games and hardware were released.
Floppy diskHard disk driveUSB flash driveFile Allocation Table

Question 10: The SAM Coupe had a number of publications created for it, mostly "________" by Community members.
FanzineAmateur press associationAlternative comicsFan film

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