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SA80: Quiz


Question 1: The SA80 was the last in a long line of British weapons (including the ________ family) to come from the national arms development and production facility at Enfield Lock.
Lewis GunBren light machine gunLee-EnfieldVickers machine gun

Question 2:

Question 3: Over 350,000 L85A1 rifles and L86A1 light machine guns had been manufactured for the ________.
United KingdomCanadaEnglandWales

Question 4:

Question 5:
What kind of service does SA80 get?
Rapid Express

Question 6:
What mountain range is SA80 a part of?
100 to 1,000 m sight adjustments
50u2013200 m sight adjustments
450m with iron sight & 650m with SUSAT
100u2013800 m sight adjustments

Question 7: The L85 rifle features a barrel with a slotted flash suppressor, which also serves as a mounting base for attaching and launching rifle grenades or a ________.
United StatesTrench knifeBayonetM16 rifle

Question 8: Mounted on the SUSAT's one-piece, pressure die-cast ________ body are a set of back-up iron sights that consist of a front blade and small rear aperture.

Question 9: The E4's had 21 modified parts, no modification to the pistol grip, and an ________ safety plunger, unlike the E3 variants.

Question 10: The first gas setting is used for normal operation, the second—for use in difficult environmental conditions and the third setting prevents any gas from reaching the piston, and is used to launch ________.
M1903 SpringfieldM16 rifleRifle grenadeHand grenade

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