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S.H.E: Quiz


Question 1: As their career progressed, S.H.E began mixing light-hearted pop ballads with elements of ________ and dance.
GraffitiHip hopHip hop musicRapping

Question 2:
Which of the following labels did S.H.E work with?
Fnac Music
WOW Music

Question 3:
What is the origin of S.H.E?
Thomas Carow: Muennerstadt, Germany, 1990
Paranu00E1 state
Republic of China
Goiu00E1s state

Question 4: The preliminary rounds of the contest were held on August 20, 2000 in ________.
ManhattanNew York CityBrooklynNew York metropolitan area

Question 5:
What did S.H.E do for a living?
Singers, actresses

Question 6:
What format does S.H.E follow?

Question 7:
What years was S.H.E active?
1979 - Present

Question 8: Examples include "Laurel Tree Goddess" (Chinese: 月桂女神), which is based on the story of ________ and Daphne,[49] and "The Story of Romeo and Juliet" (traditional Chinese: 茱羅記), which is based on Romeo and Juliet and The Butterfly Lovers.
Greek mythologyArtemisHeraApollo

Question 9:
Which of the following awards has S.H.E won?
1993 Farewell My Concubine
Legion of Merit
See List of awards and nominations received by S.H.E
Silver Frog

Question 10:
What is S.H.E also known as?
Madeleine Joan Blaustein, Addie Blaustein, Kendra Bancroft
Arthur O. Brian
Edward Mortimer

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