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S-box: Quiz


Question 1: In many cases, the S-Boxes are carefully chosen to resist ________.
Data Encryption StandardCryptanalysisEnigma machineCryptography

Question 2: In ________, they are typically used to obscure the relationship between the key and the ciphertextShannon's property of confusion.
Block cipherData Encryption StandardAvalanche effectAdvanced Encryption Standard

Question 3: In general, an S-Box takes some number of input ________, m, and transforms them into some number of output bits, n: an m×n S-Box can be implemented as a lookup table with 2m words of n bits each.
ByteCharacter (computing)BitRecord (computer science)

Question 4: "Perfect nonlinear S-boxes" (________).
Portable Document FormatOffice Open XMLOpenDocumentC Sharp (programming language)

Question 5: "Practical S-Box Design" (________).
Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe FlashPostScriptAdobe Systems

Question 6: In ________, an S-Box (Substitution-box) is a basic component of symmetric key algorithms which performs substitution.
EspionageSteganographySignals intelligenceCryptography

Question 7: Fixed tables are normally used, as in the ________ (DES), but in some ciphers the tables are generated dynamically from the key; e.g.
Block cipherXSL attackAdvanced Encryption StandardData Encryption Standard


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