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São José dos Campos: Quiz


Question 1: The farm was created through a concession of settlements around 1590 to the ________.
Conventual FranciscansDominican OrderCongregation of the Most Holy RedeemerSociety of Jesus

Question 2: The São José dos Campos Symphony Orchestra, fomented by Cassiano Ricardo Cultural Foundation, is an already respected ________ in the country.
TimpaniOrchestraClassical musicThe Planets

Question 3: Two technological parks and five (one in project) ________ have been created within universities or industrial facilities.
Batavia (city), New YorkBenchmarkingEconomyBusiness incubator

Question 4: There are 53 secondary ________, 54 primary schools and 109 preschools.
CollegeSchoolGymnasium (school)Elementary school

Question 5: The call for the municipality of São José dos Campos for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis by ________ became noticed at the beginning of last century, due to its supposedly favorable climate conditions.
PortugalSanatoriumRussiaUnited States

Question 6: The natural reserve has 2,5 millions m², being a government protect area for the local ________.

Question 7: It drains the north portion of the municipality and its waters contribute significantly to the Jaguari ________, which forms an important reservoir used by CESP for electricity generation.
HydropowerWater turbineDamHydroelectricity

Question 8: It is also known as the "Brazilian aeronautics capital" because it is home to one of the biggest regional aviation aircraft manufacturers in the world, ________.
Oi (telecommunications)EmbraerGerdauPetrobras

Question 9: The city is also well known for the excellent quality of urban services: 96% of the residences have ________ and 89% are connected to the sewage system.
Tap waterWater purificationPlumbingPipe (material)

Question 10: Former ________ (date of opening/beds):
PortugalUnited StatesRussiaSanatorium

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