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S&P 500: Quiz


Question 1: These versions differ in how ________ are accounted for.
EV/EBITDAFinancial ratioReturn on equityDividend

Question 2: Some mutual funds, ________, and other funds such as pension funds, are designed to track the performance of the S&P 500 index.
Exchange-traded fundEfficient-market hypothesisClosed-end fundHedge fund

Question 3: Standard & Poor's introduced its first ________ in 1923.
American Stock ExchangeStock marketNASDAQStock market index

Question 4: It is considered a ________ for the American economy, and is included in the Index of Leading Indicators.
United States presidential election, 2004BellwetherElectoral College (United States)United States presidential election, 2008

Question 5: [12] ________ offers the iShares S&P 500 NYSEIVV, which is similar to the SPDRs, but is structured differently.
PNC Financial ServicesNational City Corp.BlackRockRiggs Bank

Question 6: The ________ for the S&P 500 index varies.
Intel CorporationTicker symbolBond (finance)International Securities Identification Number

Question 7: After the ________, the S&P 500 is the most widely followed index of large-cap American stocks.
Fox News ChannelDow Jones Industrial AverageNews CorporationWilshire 5000

Question 8: Several mutual fund managers also provide ________ that track the S&P 500, the first of which was the The Vanguard Group's Vanguard 500 in 1976.
Passive managementEfficient-market hypothesisIndex fundExchange-traded fund

Question 9: The S&P 500 is a free-float capitalization-weighted index published since 1957 of the prices of 500 large-cap common stocks actively traded in the ________.
PhilippinesUnited StatesAlaskaCanada

Question 10: [11] Many ________ offer such funds.
PensionDefined benefit pension planInsuranceFinancial adviser


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