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Question 1: Perceived ________ against Ryukyuans by mainland Japanese is the cause of some resentment.
RacismDiscriminationAgeismRacial segregation

Question 2: maintained control of Okinawa even after the ________ Treaty of San Francisco, which went into effect on April 28, 1952.

Question 3: Twenty years later, in ________, the Ryukyus were returned to Japan.

Question 4: Although rice is a staple food, pork, seaweed, rich ________ (fermented soybean) pastes, and black sugar all feature prominently in native cuisine.
Soy sauceNattōMisoTofu

Question 5: Maxi, a character from the popular ________ of video games
Soulcalibur IISoul (series)SoulcaliburSoulcalibur IV

Question 6: ________; Actress (quarter-American).
Meisa KurokiHellcat (album)Nippon TelevisionAttitude (EP)

Question 7: Yeiki Kobashigawa; a soldier who received the Medal of Honor with the ________ in the United States Army during World War II.
Japanese American internment100th Infantry Battalion (United States)Daniel Inouye442nd Infantry Regiment (United States)

Question 8: Mugen, from the anime series ________
Dubbing (filmmaking)Cowboy BebopSamurai ChamplooAnimax

Question 9: Risa Niigaki; Singer of the pop group ________.
Mari YaguchiPetitmoniMorning Musume Tanjō 10nen KinentaiMorning Musume

Question 10: During the ________, the kingdom was formally abolished and Okinawa prefecture was established.
Meiji periodImperial Japanese NavyTaishō periodShōwa period

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