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Question 1: The reefs are endangered by sedimentation and eutrophication, mostly a result of ________, as well as damage from fishing.
Intensive farmingAgricultureSustainable agricultureOrganic farming

Question 2: Instead, China made diplomatic objections and asked former United States President ________ to arbitrate.
Dwight D. EisenhowerUlysses S. GrantAbraham LincolnTheodore Roosevelt

Question 3: The coral reefs of the Ryukyus are one of the World Wildlife Fund's ________ ecoregions.
Afrotropic ecozoneNeotropic ecozoneGlobal 200Palearctic ecozone

Question 4: [10] After that, the kings of the Ryukyus paid tribute to the Japanese shogun as well as the ________.
ChinaHan DynastyQing DynastyEmperor of China

Question 5: Some natives of the Ryukyus claim that the central government is discriminating against the islanders by allowing so many American soldiers to be stationed on bases in ________ with a minimal presence on the mainland.
Okinawa PrefectureRyukyu IslandsJapanYamanashi Prefecture

Question 6: In Japanese, the term Ryūkyū Shotō is used to refer to the part of the Nansei Islands which is in Okinawa Prefecture (the southern half), as opposed to islands of the same group located in ________ (the northern half).
Kumamoto PrefectureSaga PrefectureKagoshima PrefectureHokkaidō

Question 7: They stretch southwest from the Japanese island of Kyūshū to within 120 kilometres (75 mi) of the island of ________.
Taiwanese aboriginesTaiwanTaiwanese peoplePhilippines

Question 8: The islands are administratively divided into the Satsunan Islands to the north, belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture, and Ryūkyū Shotō to the south, belonging to Okinawa Prefecture, ________.
United KingdomJapanCambodiaCanada

Question 9: Since the most recent Japanese invasion in 1879, Japanese has become the main language on the Ryukyus, especially on Uchinā (Okinawa), through ________ in education.
AgeismDiscriminationRacismRacial segregation

Question 10: Senkaku Islands (claimed by PRC and ROC): Uotsurijima, Kuba Jima, Taisho Jima, ________, Minami Kojima
Senkaku IslandsPenghuTaiwanSpratly Islands

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