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Question 1: ________ (1 time)1 - with Samoa Joe[4]
Zero-One United States Heavyweight ChampionshipNWA United National Heavyweight ChampionshipNWA Intercontinental Tag Team ChampionshipZero1 International Junior Heavyweight Championship

Question 2: He is best known for his appearances in ________ and current work for Ultimate Pro Wrestling as a part-time trainer for the wrestlers, as well as working in the independents as Ryan Sakoda.
Chris JerichoWWE SmackDownWorld Wrestling EntertainmentWWE Raw

Question 3: During this time Sakoda often filled in as an instructor at UPW's Ultimate University, while wrestling as part of the faction Team Emblem with Japanese superstars ________ and Shinjiro Otani.
Shane DouglasRob Van DamMike AwesomeMasato Tanaka

Question 4: Sakoda aligned himself with Akio, forming the heel tag team Kyo Dai, the ________-style henchmen of Tajiri.

Question 5: Ryan Sakoda (born December 31, 1974) is a ________ professional wrestler.
IsseiJapanese AmericanNiseiAsian American

Question 6: He along with Akio made their WWE debuts on October 19, 2003 at ________.
No Mercy (2005)Survivor Series (2003)No Mercy (2003)No Mercy (2004)

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