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Question 1: One ruthenium-________ alloy has been found to be superconductive at temperatures below 10.6 K.

Question 2: The primary decay product before 102Ru is technetium and the primary mode after is ________.

Question 3: A rare transition metal of the platinum group of the periodic table, ruthenium is found associated with platinum ores and used as a ________ in some platinum alloys.

Question 4: It is also possible to extract ruthenium from ________.
Spent nuclear fuelPlutoniumCuriumUranium

Question 5: The ________ of some ruthenium complexes is quenched by oxygen, which has led to their use as optode sensors for oxygen.
Fluorescent lampUltravioletFluorescenceLight-emitting diode

Question 6: Several methods are available depending on the separation process and the composition of the mixture; two representative methods are fusion with sodium peroxide followed by dissolution in ________, and dissolution in a mixture of chlorine with hydrochloric acid.
ChromiumAqua regiaGoldPlatinum

Question 7: The beta-decaying isotope 106 of ruthenium is used in radiotherapy of eye tumors, mainly ________ of the uvea.
MelanomaNevusBasal cell carcinomaSquamous cell carcinoma

Question 8: A unique challenge arises in trying to grow impurity-free films of a catalyst in ________ (CVD).
Optical fiberGlass transitionIon implantationChemical vapor deposition

Question 9: ________ nibs are frequently tipped with alloys containing ruthenium.
Pilot (pen company)Parker Pen CompanyLamyFountain pen

Question 10: The name derives from Ruthenia, the Latin word for Rus', a historical area which includes present-day western Russia, Ukraine, ________, and parts of Slovakia and Poland.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbiaAzerbaijanBelarus


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