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Russo-Turkish War (1806–1812): Quiz


Question 1: The battle took place on June 22, 1811 near ________.
Ruse, BulgariaSofiaVidinLom, Bulgaria

Question 2: In August 1809 he was eventually succeeded by Prince Bagration, who promptly crossed the ________ and overran Dobruja.

Question 3: The Ottoman Empire, encouraged by the Russian defeat at Austerlitz, deposed the Russophile hospodars of its vassal states Moldavia (________) and Wallachia (Constantine Ypsilanti).
BucharestPhanariotesConstantine HangerliAlexander Mourousis

Question 4: The treaty was approved by ________ on June 11, just thirteen days before Napoleon's invasion of Russia commenced.
Nicholas I of RussiaNicholas II of RussiaAlexander II of RussiaAlexander I of Russia

Question 5: ________, constrained by Napoleon to sign an armistice with the Turks, used the time of peace to transfer more Russian soldiers from Prussia to Bessarabia.
Alexander I of RussiaAlexander II of RussiaNicholas I of RussiaNicholas II of Russia

Question 6: In ________, the 7,000-strong contingent of Count Gudovich destroyed the Turkish force of 20,000 at Arpachai (June 18).

Question 7: The war broke out in 1805–1806 against the background of the ________.
First French EmpireNapoleonic WarsNapoleon IGrande Armée

Question 8: According to the Treaty of Bucharest, signed by Kutuzov on May, 28, the Turks ceded ________ to Russia (although that land belonged to their vassal Moldavia, which they were supposed to protect).

Question 9: His storm of the citadel was repelled at great loss of life, and more bloodshed ensued during the murderous storm of ________ on July, 22.
Ruse, BulgariaLom, BulgariaSofiaVidin

Question 10: A massive Ottoman offensive aimed at ________ was promptly checked at Obilesti by as few as 4,500 soldiers commanded by Mikhail Miloradovich (June 2, 1807).


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