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Question 1:
Who was a commander in the Russo-Japanese War?
Maerten Thijssen
Oyama Iwao
Gotthard Heinrici
Sir James Outram

Question 2: As the ________ continued, Japanese troops tried numerous frontal assaults on the fortified hilltops overlooking the harbor, which were defeated with Japanese casualties in the thousands.
Battle of Port ArthurSiege of Port ArthurBattle of NanshanRusso-Japanese War

Question 3: However, due to logistical reasons and distance, Montenegro's contribution to the war effort was limited to those ________ who served in the Russian armed forces.
SerbiaMontenegrin AmericanMontenegrinsSerbs

Question 4: The Russian Empire stretched from Poland in the west to the ________ peninsula in the East[4].
Kuril IslandsBrown BearKamchatka PeninsulaCommander Islands

Question 5: The Russo-Japanese War is occasionally alluded to in ________'s novel, Ulysses.
Pomes PenyeachFinnegans WakeDublinersJames Joyce

Question 6: The Baltic Fleet would not reach the ________ until May 1905.
AsiaSoutheast AsiaEast AsiaFar East

Question 7: On the night of 8 February 1904, the Japanese fleet under Admiral ________ opened the war with a surprise torpedo boat attack on the Russian ships at Port Arthur.
First Sino-Japanese WarYamamoto GonnohyōeImperial Japanese NavyTōgō Heihachirō

Question 8:
How many casualties were there in the Russo-Japanese War?
4 wounded
44 captured
47,152 killed

Question 9:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Russo-Japanese War?
Viet Minh
Russian Empire

Question 10: The demoralizing news that Port Arthur had fallen reached the fleet while at ________.
MozambiqueMaldivesSaint HelenaMadagascar


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