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Russification of Finland: Quiz


Question 1: The resistance campaign had some successes, notably a ________ reversal of the new conscription law.
United KingdomMoroccoUnited StatesDe facto

Question 2: The February Manifesto of 1899 was a decree by Emperor ________ which asserted the imperial government's right to rule Finland without the consent of local legislative bodies.
Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of RussiaNicholas II of RussiaAlexander II of RussiaAlexander III of Russia

Question 3: It was a part of a larger policy of ________ pursued by late 19th-early 20th century Russian governments which tried to abolish cultural and administrative autonomy of non-Russian minorities within the empire.

Question 4: The Russification of Finland (1899-1905, 1908-1917, sortokaudet/sortovuodet (times/years of oppression) in Finnish) was a governmental policy of the ________ aimed at the termination of Finland’s autonomy.
British EmpireRussian EmpireOttoman EmpireGolden Horde

Question 5: The Russification campaign was suspended and partially reversed in 1905–07 during a period of civil unrest throughout the Russian empire following Russian defeats in the ________.
Russo-Japanese WarFirst Sino-Japanese WarBoxer RebellionScramble for Africa

Question 6: During the ________ with the financial aid from Japan the rebels bought a shipment of thousands of rifles aiming an uprising and forming an independent state.
Russo-Japanese WarScramble for AfricaBoxer RebellionFirst Sino-Japanese War

Question 7: The ________ law was signed by Emperor Nicholas II in July 1901 and incorporated the Finnish army into the imperial army.
United StatesMilitary serviceConscientious objectorConscription


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