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Question 1: Legal documents of the epoch, such as ________, distinguished several degrees of feudal dependency of peasants.
Russkaya PravdaYaroslav I the WiseKievan Rus'Veliky Novgorod

Question 2: While the ________ uprisings benefited from disturbances among the peasants, and they in turn received an impetus from Cossack rebellion, none of the Cossack movements were directed against the institution of serfdom itself.
Zaporozhian CossacksKuban CossacksBohdan KhmelnytskyCossacks

Question 3: According to the ________, a princely smerd had limited property and personal rights.
Veliky NovgorodYaroslav I the WiseKievan Rus'Russkaya Pravda

Question 4: Slavery remained a major institution in Russia until 1723, when ________ converted the household slaves into house serfs.
Alexis of RussiaNicholas II of RussiaPeter I of RussiaCatherine II of Russia

Question 5: His escheat was given to the prince and his life was equated with that of the kholop, meaning his murder was punishable by 5 ________.
Russian rubleUkrainian hryvniaHungarian forintBelarusian ruble

Question 6: The legal code of ________, Sudebnik (1497), strengthened the dependency of peasants, statewise, and restricted their mobility.
Vasily II of MoscowVasili III of RussiaIvan III of RussiaIvan IV of Russia

Question 7: , the term for an unfree peasant in the ________, krepostnoi krestyanin (крепостной крестьянин), is translated as serf.
British EmpireOttoman EmpireRussian EmpireGolden Horde

Question 8: The origins of serfdom in ________ (крепостничество, or krepostnichestvo) may be traced to the 11th century, however, the most complete form of feudal exploitation enveloped only certain categories of rural population.
MoscowRussian cultureUnited StatesRussia

Question 9: Between the end of the ________ and the beginning of the 19th century, there were hundreds of outbreaks across Russia, and there was never a time when the peasantry was completely quiescent.
Cossack HetmanatePugachev's RebellionZaporozhian CossacksYemelyan Pugachev

Question 10: The origins of serfdom in Russia are traced to ________ in the 11th century.
Byzantine EmpireHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesKievan Rus'


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