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Question 1: Russian is also spoken in ________ by at least 750,000 ethnic Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union (1999 census).
IsraelUnited StatesArmeniaGreece

Question 2: Another important aspect is the reduction of unstressed ________, which is somewhat similar to that of English.
Close back rounded vowelInternational Phonetic AlphabetClose front unrounded vowelVowel

Question 3: The language is one of the six official languages of the ________.
United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUnited Nations Security CouncilUnited NationsIsrael, Palestine, and the United Nations

Question 4:
What format does Russian language follow?

Question 5:
Who of the following spoke at the Russian language?
First language: 5u201310 million
1.5 million; 9th most spoken native language in the Philippines
Second language: 120u2013225 million
secondary language: 114 million

Question 6:
Which of the following titles did Russian language have?
Liviu's Dream
Bad Scene and a Basement Show
Magnetic North
Winter Evening

Question 7: Timberlake, Alan (2004), A Reference Grammar of Russian, Cambridge, UK: ________, 0521772923 
Authorized King James VersionOxford University PressEnglandCambridge University Press

Question 8: The Israeli press and ________ regularly publish material in Russian.
WebsiteWeb designInternetWorld Wide Web

Question 9: The city of ________ has historically displayed a feature called chokanye/tsokanye (чоканье/цоканье), where /tɕ/ and /ts/ were confused.
Veliky NovgorodPskovRigaRussia

Question 10: Russian Language at the ________
Open Directory ProjectLife (magazine)Jim BarksdaleTime Warner

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