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Russian formalism: Quiz


Question 1: He ranks phones according to their contribution to the "sound background" (zvukovoj fon) attaching the greatest importance to stressed ________ and the least to reduced vowels.
Close back rounded vowelVowelClose front unrounded vowelInternational Phonetic Alphabet

Question 2: He fervently defends linguists' right to contribute to the study of poetry and demonstrates the aptitude of the modern ________ to the most insightful investigation of a poetic message.

Question 3: Russian formalism exerted a major influence on thinkers like ________ and Yuri Lotman, and on structuralism as a whole.
Mikhail BakhtinAleksandr SolzhenitsynFyodor DostoyevskyJoseph Stalin

Question 4: Apart from the most obvious devices such as rhyme, onomatopoeia, ________, and assonance, Brik explores various types of sound repetitions, e.g.
Flap consonantConsonantApproximant consonantAlliteration

Question 5: This recourse to ________ threatened the ultimate goal of formalism to investigate literature in isolation.
PsychologySigmund FreudCognitive neuroscienceNeuropsychology

Question 6: One of the most famous dichotomies introduced by the mechanistic Formalists is a distinction between story and plot, or fabula and "________".
Fabula and sujetNarrativeRussian formalismAntenarrative

Question 7: In the words of one of the foremost Formalists, Boris Eichenbaum: "It is difficult to recall who coined this name, but it was not a very ________ coinage.

Question 8: The most widely known work carried out in this tradition is ________'s "Morphology of the Folktale" (1928).
Literary criticismClaude Lévi-StraussVladimir ProppMorphology (folkloristics)


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