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Question 1: During the first decades of the eighteenth century, some remarkable Baroque cathedrals were built in the eastern towns of Kazan, Solikamsk, Verkhoturye, Tobolsk, ________, and elsewhere.
Lake BaikalVeliky NovgorodRussiaIrkutsk

Question 2: ________ put a premium on conservative monumentalism.
Neo-StalinismStalinismStalinist architectureJoseph Stalin

Question 3: Up to the twentieth century, only the Golden Gates of ________, despite much eighteenth-century restoration, could be regarded as an authentic monument of the pre-Mongolian period.
Alexandrov (town)YaroslavlMoscowVladimir

Question 4: The ________ looted the country so thoroughly that even capitals (such as Moscow or Tver) couldn't afford new stone churches for more than half a century.
MonguorKalmyk peopleBorjiginMongols

Question 5: In the course of the seventeenth century, they built numerous large churches of cathedral type, with five onion-like cupolas, and surrounded them with tents of bell towers and ________.
NaveApseAisleGothic architecture

Question 6: ________ dismissed Rastrelli and patronized neoclassical architects invited from Scotland and Italy.
Catherine II of RussiaNicholas II of RussiaAlexander I of RussiaPeter I of Russia

Question 7: The building of ________ (1948-1953) by Lev Rudnev and associates is particularly notable for its use of space.
University College LondonUniversité Libre de BruxellesVilnius UniversityLomonosov Moscow State University

Question 8: Novgorod and ________ however managed to escape the Mongol yoke, and evolved into successful commercial republics.
RigaVeliky NovgorodPskovTallinn

Question 9: ________ (1044-52), on the other hand, expressed a new style that exerted a strong influence on Russian church architecture.
Veliky NovgorodHagia SophiaSaint Sophia Cathedral in NovgorodNovgorod Republic

Question 10: Its architect was also responsible for the "red and white" reconstruction of several Moscow monastic structures, notably the ________ and the Donskoy Monastery.
Moscow KremlinRed SquareRussiaNovodevichy Convent


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