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Question 1: By 1922 there were at least 7,000,000 street children in Russia as a result of nearly a decade of devastation from ________ and the civil war.
Western Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWorld War I

Question 2: More significant was the emergence of a anarchist political and military movement known as the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine or the Anarchist Black Army led by ________.
Leo TolstoyNestor MakhnoMikhail BakuninPeter Kropotkin

Question 3:
Where did Russian Civil War take place?
Former Russian Empire, Mongolia, Persia
Southeastern Tennessee
Near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
Altimarlech near Wick, Highland, Scotland

Question 4: The regions of ________ and Northern Sakhalin remained under Japanese occupation until their treaty with Soviet Union in 1925, when their forces were finally withdrawn.
Kamchatka PeninsulaBrown BearRussiaKuril Islands

Question 5: As War Commissar of Red Army forces, ________ instituted mass executions of peasants in the Ukraine and other areas sympathetic to Makhno and the anarchists.
Eduard ShevardnadzeChristian RakovskyVyacheslav MolotovLeon Trotsky

Question 6:

Question 7: Independence of ________, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

Question 8:
How many casualties were there in the Russian Civil War?
At least 900,000
13 missing
23 killed

Question 9: Following the abdication of ________ and the turbulent Russian Revolution throughout 1917, the Russian Provisional Government was established.
Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of RussiaNicholas II of RussiaAlexander III of RussiaAlexander II of Russia

Question 10: Already on the date of the Revolution, ________ General Kaledin refused to recognize it and assumed full governmental authority in the Don region[13], where the Volunteer Army began amassing support.
CossacksBohdan KhmelnytskyKuban CossacksZaporozhian Cossacks

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