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Russian Armenia: Quiz


Question 1: ________ and Karabagh's Armenians helped the Russians by rebelling against Safavid rule.
GeorgiansGeorgian languageGeorgian dialectsGeorgia (country)

Question 2: In 1877, war broke out between the Russia and the Ottomans over the treatment of Christians in the ________.
BalkansEastern EuropeWestern EuropeEurope

Question 3: Reluctantly, the Dashnak leaders, who were the most powerful Armenian politicians in the region, declared the formation of a new independent state, the ________ on May 28, 1918.
Russian ArmeniaDemocratic Republic of ArmeniaArmenian Soviet Socialist RepublicHistory of Armenia

Question 4: In 1722, the Tsar of Russia, ________, declared war against the Safavid Persians.
Peter I of RussiaNicholas II of RussiaCatherine II of RussiaAlexis of Russia

Question 5: Russian Armenia (Armenian: Ռուսական Հայաստան) is the period of Armenia's history under Russian rule beginning from 1829, when Eastern Armenia became part of the Russian Empire to the declaration of the ________ in 1918.
Armenian Soviet Socialist RepublicHistory of ArmeniaArmenian GenocideDemocratic Republic of Armenia

Question 6: The years between the 1905 Revolution and ________ saw a rapprochement between most Armenians and the Russian authorities.
World War IWestern Front (World War I)Armenian GenocideCaucasus Campaign

Question 7: As a consequence, by the mid-19th century, most of the Armenian ________ had become highly Russophile.
Central EuropeSoviet UnionIntelligentsiaRussia

Question 8: Russia became concerned when her enemy ________ began drawing closer to the Ottoman Empire, which led the Russians to take a renewed interest in the welfare of the Ottoman Armenians.

Question 9: Added to this, the Armenians were ________, while the Ottomans and Persians were both Muslims.
EcumenismChristian denominationBaptistChristianity

Question 10: Most Armenian troops were transferred to the ________ (known as the Eastern Front).
Allies of World War IEuropean theatre of World War ITimeline of World War IWestern Front (World War I)

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