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Rus' (people): Quiz


Question 1: From the Old Slavic name that meant "river-people" (tribes of fishermen and ploughmen who settled near the rivers ________, Don, Dniester and Western Dvina and were known to navigate them).
Desna RiverPripyat RiverDnieper RiverSozh

Question 2: The Muslim diplomat and traveller, Ahmad ibn Fadlan, who visited ________ in 922, described the Rus (Rusiyyah) in the terms strongly suggestive of the Norsemen:
Volga BulgariaKhazarsRussiaGolden Horde

Question 3: Subsequently, in the 10th and 11th centuries, Latin sources routinely confused the Rus with the extinct East Germanic tribe of ________.
RugiiGermanic peoplesGothsOksywie culture

Question 4: Later, the Primary Chronicle tells us, they conquered ________ and created the state of Kievan Rus' (which, as most historians agree, was preceded by the Rus' Khaganate).

Question 5: In the mainstream Russian-Soviet historiography (as represented by Boris Rybakov), these were tentatively identified with the "tribal centres" at ________, Novgorod and Tmutarakan.

Question 6: However, the Normanist rhetoric was abused by Goebbels during the ________ and, in the eyes of the Soviet authorities, the theory was discredited forever.
Operation BarbarossaEastern Front (World War II)The HolocaustWorld War II

Question 7: However, it has been also suggested that the name Rus might have originated from the Iranic name of the Volga River (by F.Knauer Moscow 1901), as well as from the Rosh of ________.

Question 8: From one of two rivers in Ukraine (near ________ and Pereyaslav), Ros' and Rusna, whose names are derived from a postulated Slavic term for water, akin to rosa (dew) (related to the above theory).

Question 9: Essoupi (________ vesuppi, "do not sleep")
Old NorseGermanic languagesOld Norse morphologyNorth Germanic languages

Question 10: [2] The Varangians were first expelled, then invited to rule the warring Slavic and Finnic tribes of ________:
RussiaPskovRigaVeliky Novgorod


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