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Question 1: [9] As the game's popularity grew, the ________ was rewritten, and its beta was opened to paying players on 1 December 2003 under the name "RuneScape 2".
First-person shooter engineGame engineGame engine recreationCrystal Space

Question 2: Ambient noises, such as the cry of seagulls flying over the ________, occur in logical places.
EarthNatureOceanNatural environment

Question 3:
Which of the following are required to run RuneScape?
Standard Detail: 128 MB RAM, 500 MHz CPU
500 MB Hard disk space
Amiga 500
Mac OS X: 500 MHz G3 or faster 256MB Memory.

Question 4:
When was RuneScape released?

Question 5: RuneScape has ________, sound effects, and ambient noises throughout Gielinor.
MusicMusical notationClassical musicMusic theory

Question 6:
What engine does the RuneScape use?
Proprietary engine
Proprietary Java-based framework
Proprietary Naughty Dog PlayStation engine

Question 7: In its 2008 ________ profile of the game, stated that whilst Jagex's changes to curtail real world trading resulted in "a wave of user criticism...
ShariaHuman rightsLawIntellectual property

Question 8:
Which of the following genres does RuneScape produce?

Question 9: High Detail: 256 MB RAM, 1.5 GHz CPU, ________ GeForce3 or equivalent graphics card
Intel CorporationBroadcomGoogleNvidia

Question 10: Melee attacks are close range with or without weapons,[50] magic attacks focus on using runestones to cast spells,[51] and ranged attacks use projectile weapons like ________, darts or knives.
ArrowArrowheadEnglish longbowArchery

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