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Rumble Pak: Quiz


Question 1: A select few Game Boy Color and ________ games use a similar technology built into the game cartridge.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Boy MicroGame Boy Advance SPNintendo DS

Question 2: Versions of the Rumble Pak are available for the ________, the Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo DS Lite.
Nintendo GameCubeSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo 64Nintendo Entertainment System

Question 3: When reviewing Star Fox 64, ________ praised the Rumble Pak, stating that it "adds an unusual burst of arcade ecstasy to the game".

Question 4: The Nintendo DS Rumble Pak is incompatible with the ________ as the DSi lacks a SLOT-2.
Nintendo DSiWiiNintendo DS LiteNintendo DSi XL

Question 5: It requires two AAA batteries and is inserted into the controller's memory cartridge slot, which prevents simultaneous use of the ________.
Nintendo 64 accessoriesRumble PakNintendo 64Nintendo 64DD

Question 6: The Rumble Pak for the Nintendo DS is an official DS Option Pak shaped like a ________ cartridge and is designed to be inserted in the system's Game Boy Advance game slot (SLOT-2).
Game Boy MicroGame Boy Advance SPGame Boy ColorGame Boy Advance

Question 7: The Rumble Pak was introduced bundled with the game ________ (known as Lylat Wars in the PAL region) and made available as a separate purchase two months later.
Star Fox: AssaultSuper Mario 64Star Fox AdventuresStar Fox 64

Question 8: Launch titles Wave Race 64 and ________ were re-released in Japan in July 1997 with Rumble Pak support.
Super Mario 64Super Mario SunshineSuper Mario 64 DSSuper Mario Galaxy

Question 9: The Rumble Pak is a removable device from ________ which provides force feedback while playing video games.
FujitsuCanon (company)NintendoSony


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