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Question 1: [citation needed] ________ rum even joined gold as an accepted currency in Europe for a period of time.
MassachusettsMaineRhode IslandConnecticut

Question 2: [3] Distillers that make lighter rums, such as ________, prefer to use faster-working yeasts.
BacardiBurger KingFidel CastroCuba

Question 3: Rum plays a part in the culture of most islands of the West Indies, and has famous associations with the Royal Navy (See: ________) and piracy (See: Bumbo).
WineAlcoholic beverageGrogMulled wine

Question 4: In ________, a cheap substitute of genuine dark rum is called Rum-Verschnitt (literally: blended rum).

Question 5: (Some countries, including the United States, classify cachaça as a type of rum.) Seco, from Panama, is also a spirit similar to rum, but also similar to ________, since it is triple distilled.
Alcoholic beverageAbsintheWineVodka

Question 6: When ________ became governor of the colony in 1806, he attempted to remedy the perceived problem with drunkenness by outlawing the use of rum as a medium of exchange.
James CookWilliam BlighMutiny on the BountyHoratio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Beenleigh Rum Distillery, on the banks of the Albert River near Brisbane, Australia, circa 1912
  The Bacardi building in Havana, Cuba
  WRNS serving rum to a sailor from a tub inscribed 'THE KING GOD BLESS HIM'
  Examples of dark, spiced, and light rums.

Question 8: ________ in the US helped expand rum's horizons with inventions such as the Mai Tai and Zombie.
Tiki barTiki cultureExoticaDon the Beachcomber

Question 9: Mexico requires rum be aged a minimum of 8 months; the ________, Panama and Venezuela require two years.
NicaraguaDominican RepublicCubaHaiti

Question 10: In ________, a similar rum called Inländerrum or domestic rum is available.
AustriaPolandCzech RepublicHungary

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