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Question 1: When he could reliably place his thumb in the wort without having to remove it because of the heat, the wort was cool enough to pitch the ________.

Question 2: A ship's captain should navigate to keep the ship more than a thumb's width from the shore, as shown on the ________ being used.
CartographyNautical chartMap projectionMap

Question 3: Compare this to heuristic, a similar concept used in mathematical discourse, psychology and computer science, particularly in ________ design.
AlgorithmAlgorithm characterizationsLogicAlan Turing

Question 4: ________) rather than rulers for measuring things, cementing its modern use as an imprecise yet reliable and convenient standard.
YardUnited States customary unitsFoot (length)Inch

Question 5: Nonetheless, belief in the existence of a "rule of thumb" law to excuse spousal abuse can be traced as far back as 1782, the year that ________ published his satirical cartoon Judge Thumb.
Edmund BurkeWilliam Pitt the YoungerBritish MuseumJames Gillray


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