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Question 1:
Which of the following teams did Rugby union play for?
Hershey Bears
Rochester Americans

Question 2:
What is Rugby union's nickname?
Laskar Khatulistiwa
Congress' Own
Hrabri Sokoli

Question 3: The most important tournament in rugby union is the ________, a men's tournament that takes place every four years among the elite national rugby union teams.
2007 Rugby World CupRugby World Cup Sevens1999 Rugby World CupRugby World Cup

Question 4: ________ (7's, or VIIs), is a fast-paced variant which originated in Melrose, Scotland in 1883.
Rugby unionRugby sevensFootballRugby tens

Question 5:

Question 6: [26] Players in a team are divided into eight forwards (two more than in ________) and seven backs.
Rugby leagueRugby footballFootballAmerican football

Question 7: William Webb Ellis is often credited with the invention of running with the ball in hand in 1823 at ________ when he allegedly caught the ball while playing football and ran towards the opposition goal.
Harris SchoolLawrence Sheriff SchoolArnold Lodge SchoolRugby School

Question 8: In 2000, Italy became the sixth nation in the contest and ________'s Stadio Flaminio, where their games are played, is the smallest venue in the tournament.

Question 9: [10] The code was originally known simply as "rugby football"; it was not until after a schism in 1895, which resulted in the separate code of ________, that the name "rugby union" came to be used for the game itself.
Association footballRugby sevensAmerican footballRugby league

Question 10: Major domestic competitions include the Top 14 in France, the Guinness Premiership in England, the Currie Cup in South Africa, and the ________ in New Zealand.
2009 Air New Zealand CupAir New Zealand CupSuper 14Magners League

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