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Question 1:
Which is currently the premier party of Rudolf Hess?
, National Socialist German Workers Party
German Vu00F6lkisch Freedom Party,
German Democratic Party
National Socialist German Workers' Party

Question 2: [11] Hess enrolled in the University of Munich where he studied political science, history, economics, and geopolitics under Professor ________.
Adolf HitlerGeopolitikNazi GermanyKarl Haushofer

Question 3: In his book, The Second World War Part III, ________ wrote,
Margaret ThatcherWinston ChurchillHarold MacmillanJoseph Stalin

Question 4:

Question 5:
What office has Rudolf Hess held?
MLA for Stanhope-East Royalty
Stellvertreter des Fu00FChrers
Minister of Mu0101ori Affairs
53rd Associate Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court

Question 6:
When did Rudolf Hess die?

Question 7:
When is Rudolf Hess's birthday?

Question 8:
Where was Rudolf Hess born?
Weymouth, Dorset
Willkischken,, Memelland
Alexandria, Egypt

Question 9: He then took aeronautical training and served in an operational squadron, Jasta 35b (Bavarian), with the rank of ________, from 16 October, 1918.
Second LieutenantLieutenantMidshipmanMilitary rank

Question 10:
Rudolf Hess, Egyptians and Copt are all:
20th-century Freikorps personnel Egyptian people Beer Hall Putsch Prisoners in the Tower of London

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