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Question 1: The self-loading Ruby pistol is best known as a French ________ sidearm, the Pistolet Automatique de 7 millim.65 genre "Ruby".
World War IArmenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)Caucasus Campaign

Question 2: Arrizabalaga (under the brandname ________) - French Military code stamp unknown
DemocracyMonarchyRepublicConstitutional monarchy

Question 3: Fabrique d'Armes de Guerre de Grande Précision (under the brand names ________ and Precision) - French Military code stamp unknown [8]
Callisto (moon)Io (moon)Ganymede (moon)Jupiter

Question 4: Azanza y Arrizabalaga (under the brandnames Reims and Modelo ________)- French Military code stamp AA
1916March 419722006

Question 5:
Ruby pistol, Llama firearms and CETME Ameli are all:
Weapons of Spain Curio and relic firearms .32 ACP firearms Semi-automatic pistols

Question 6:
Ruby pistol, Walther PP and Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless are all:
French World War I small arms .32 ACP firearms Semi-automatic pistols Weapons of Spain

Question 7: Isidro Gaztañaga (under the brand names ________ and Indian) - French Military code stamp IG
V and W class destroyerFletcher class destroyerTribal class destroyer (1936)Destroyer

Question 8: Unknown manufacturer (under the brand name ________ Model)
Canon obusier de 12MitrailleuseChassepotCanon de 75 modèle 1897

Question 9:
Ruby pistol, Berthier rifle and Berthier carbine are all:
Weapons of Spain .32 ACP firearms Curio and relic firearms French World War I small arms

Question 10: Beistegui Hermanos (under the brandname ________ Model) - French Military code stamp BH
SerbiaWorld War I1914United States

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