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Rubella virus: Quiz


Question 1: V, Orthomyxoviridae: Influenzavirus A/B/C (Influenza/________)
Avian influenzaVirus diseaseInfluenza A virusSevere acute respiratory syndrome

Question 2: The sequences for the structural proteins are first replicated by the viral ________ (Replicase) via a complementary (-)ssRNA as a template and translated as a separate short mRNA.
RNA polymerase IITelomeraseRNA-dependent RNA polymeraseRNA polymerase

Question 3: IV: ________ (Severe acute respiratory syndrome)
AIDSInfluenza A virusSARS coronavirusInfluenza

Question 4: non-enveloped: Parvoviridae (________)
Parvovirus B19Virus diseaseRotavirusAdenoviridae

Question 5: E1 and E2 are type I transmembrane proteins which are transported into the ________ (ER) with the help of an N-terminal signal sequence.
Golgi apparatusEndoplasmic reticulumCell (biology)Endomembrane system

Question 6: Togaviruses attach to the cell surface via specific receptors and are taken up by an ________ being formed.
Cell membraneCell (biology)EndosomeVesicle (biology)

Question 7: As opposed to alpha viruses the capsid does not undergo autoprotolysis, rather is it cut off from the rest of the polyprotein by the signal-________.
Aspartate proteaseSerine proteaseProteaseCysteine protease

Question 8: The (+)ssRNA (positive, singlestranded ________) at first only acts as a template for the translation of the non-structural proteins, which are synthesized as a large polyprotein and are then cut into single proteins.
Small interfering RNADNANon-coding RNARNA

Question 9: Rubella virus is the only member of the genus of Rubivirus and belongs to the family of Togaviridae, whose members commonly have a genome of single-stranded ________ of positive polarity which is enclosed by an icosahedral capsid.
Non-coding RNASmall interfering RNARNADNA

Question 10: Rubella virus is the pathogenic agent of the disease ________, and is the cause of congenital rubella syndrome when infection occurs during the first weeks of pregnancy.


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