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Royal Naval Air Service: Quiz


Question 1: After prolonged discussion on the Committee of Imperial Defence the Royal Flying Corps was constituted by ________ on 13 April 1912.
AkzoNobelSteinway & SonsRoyal WarrantScottish & Newcastle

Question 2: 1 Squadron RNAS (a famous fighter squadron) became ________.
No. 206 Squadron RAFNo. 210 Squadron RAFNo. 201 Squadron RAFNo. 204 Squadron RAF

Question 3: At the time of the merger, the Navy's air service had 55,066 officers and men, 2,949 aircraft,[20] 103 ________ and 126 coastal stations.

Question 4: Squadron Z was transferred to the Royal ________.
Hellenic NavyElli class frigateHydra class frigateGreece

Question 5: Thus RNAS fighter squadrons obtained ________ fighters months before the RFC - and then replaced these first with Sopwith Triplanes and then Camels while the hard-pressed RFC squadrons soldiered on with their obsolescent Pups.
Sopwith DolphinSopwith PupSopwith 1½ StrutterSopwith Snipe

Question 6: [16][17] The Navy maintained twelve airship stations around the coast of Britain from Longside, ________ in the northeast to Anglesey in the west.
StonehavenKincardine and MearnsDrumoakAberdeenshire

Question 7: The main "naval" roles of the RNAS (ignoring for the minute the service's direct "competition" with the RFC) were fleet reconnaissance, patrolling coasts for enemy ________ and submarines, and attacking enemy coastal territory.
ShipFishing vesselFeluccaHerring Buss

Question 8: In 1913 a seaplane base on the ________ and an airship base at Kingsnorth were approved for construction.
Rochester, KentHigh HalstowAllhallows, KentIsle of Grain

Question 9: To this end the Prime Minister, ________, approved the formation of an "Advisory Committee for Aeronautics" and an "Aerial Sub-Committee of the Committee of Imperial Defence".
James CallaghanWinston ChurchillH. H. AsquithRobert Peel

Question 10: Arthur Roy Brown - Naval 9 - ace, shot down ________
Royal Flying CorpsManfred von RichthofenLothar von RichthofenErnst Udet


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