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Question 1:
What type is thing is Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
Stone sculpture
Oil on oak

Question 2: On October 6, 2007, Constable Christopher John Worden of Hay River Detachment, ________ was shot and killed in Hay River while on duty in that community.
Northwest TerritoriesCanadaNunavutYukon

Question 3:
What is Royal Canadian Mounted Police's nickname?
Iron Rakkasans
The Mounties

Question 4: In 1885, the NWMP helped to quell the North-West Rebellion led by ________.
Red River RebellionLouis RielFirst NationsMétis people (Canada)

Question 5:
What is the garrison of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
23d Tactical Fighter Wing
Apamea, Syria
2nd Battalion - Episkopi, Cyprus

Question 6: In June 1904, the prefix "Royal" was conferred on the NWMP by ________.
George VI of the United KingdomEdward VII of the United KingdomGeorge V of the United KingdomEdward VIII of the United Kingdom

Question 7:
What role did Royal Canadian Mounted Police play?
National Defence & Air Superiority
Federal, National & Paramilitary Police Force
Continental Air Defense, Support of State and Federal Law Enforcement
Investigative arm of the Canadian Forces Military Police

Question 8: [13] Jurisdiction was extended to the new provinces of ________ and Saskatchewan in 1905, and to Manitoba's new annexation in 1912.
British ColumbiaCanadaQuebecAlberta

Question 9:
Where does Royal Canadian Mounted Police come from?
Germany, Canada
Canada and US
USA /, Canada

Question 10:
What was the size of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
One regiment
728 soldiers
15 divisions

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