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Question 1: Britain's ________ continued to support the RAN and provide additional blue-water defence capability in the Pacific up to the early years of World War II.
HMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Ocean (L12)Royal NavyHMS Illustrious (R06)

Question 2:
When was the Royal Australian Navy active?
July 31 – August 9
November 28 – December 4
August 30 – September 13

Question 3: Operation Resolute - the ADF's contribution to patrolling Australia's ________
Food and Agriculture OrganizationExclusive Economic ZoneMalaysiaCyprus

Question 4: The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is the naval branch of the ________.
QueenslandAustralian Defence ForceDarwin, Northern TerritoryAustralian English

Question 5:
What type is thing is Royal Australian Navy?

Question 6: Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ________ are commissioned officers and wear the uniform of a RAN officer.
United StatesChaplainUnited KingdomMilitary Chaplain

Question 7: Like other chaplains in the ________ (ADF), Navy chaplains have five divisions of seniority.
Darwin, Northern TerritoryAustralian Defence ForceQueenslandAustralian English

Question 8: Operation Slipper - Australia's commitment to the International Coalition forces in ________ and against Terrorism (ICAT).
AfghanistanNATONon-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 9: Division 4 Australian Navy chaplains are accorded the rank and status of Captain (equivalent of ________).
Second LieutenantLieutenant ColonelCaptain (land)Colonel

Question 10:
Who was a commander in the Royal Australian Navy?
Field Marshal Yamagata Aritomo
Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston AC, AFC
Niger: Mamadou Ousseini, Army Chief of Staff
ACM Angus Houston AC, AFC


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