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Question 1: The B.E.2 was designed by ________ as a development of the B.E.1, and first flew in February 1912 with de Havilland as the test pilot.
HertfordshireEnglandGeoffrey de HavillandRoyal Aircraft Factory F.E.1

Question 2: From 1917 onwards, the B.E.2 was mostly withdrawn from the front line but continued in use for ________ spotting and as a trainer.
Alfa class submarineTorpedoUnited States NavySubmarine

Question 3: These were all sent to ________ shortly after the outbreak of war.
FranceCanadaUnited KingdomItaly

Question 4: As early as 1915 the B.E.2c had been used in attempts to intercept and destroy the German "________" airship raiders.
LZ 130 Graf ZeppelinLZ 129 HindenburgZeppelinLZ 127 Graf Zeppelin

Question 5: A B.E.2a of No.2 Squadron RFC was the first aircraft of the Royal Flying Corps to arrive in ________ after the start of the First World War, on 26 August 1914.
CanadaFranceItalyUnited Kingdom

Question 6: One, typified by the ________, said that an aeroplane should be inherently unstable, and that deviations from straight and level flight should be corrected by the pilot.
Wright brothersWright FlyerFirst flying machineFixed-wing aircraft

Question 7: [1] It started production as a ________ machine, and two years later formed part of the equipment of three squadrons - squadrons equipped with a single type of aeroplane were still to come.
United States Marine Air-Ground Task Force ReconnaissanceReconnaissanceSpecial reconnaissanceUnited States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance

Question 8: Unable to cope with such a primitive fighter as the ________, it was virtually helpless against the newer German fighters of 1916-17.
Fokker E.IFokker E.IIFokker E.IIIFokker E.IV

Question 9: British ace ________ summed it up as "a bloody awful aeroplane".
Albert BallEdward MannockRoyal Flying CorpsJames McCudden


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