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Question 1: ________ of Yes and King Crimson
John WettonTony LevinBill BrufordGTR (band)

Question 2: ________ of Pink Floyd used rototoms to record the distinctive introduction to "Time" on the 1973 album "The Dark Side of the Moon".
Roger WatersRichard Wright (musician)David GilmourNick Mason

Question 3: ________ of the Foo Fighters uses several rototoms in his kit as well.
Pat SmearChris ShiflettDave GrohlTaylor Hawkins

Question 4: Rototoms are often used as a training substitute for ________ students, as they have a very similar sound, are not as loud and expensive as timpani, and do not require as much room space.

Question 5: Master James Holland, former percussionist of the ________, highly recommends them in his book "Percussion",[1] which is part of the Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides series.
London Philharmonic OrchestraRoyal Philharmonic OrchestraMalcolm SargentThomas Beecham

Question 6: A few drumming greats who used rototoms were ________ and Terry Bozzio.
GTR (band)Bill BrufordKing CrimsonJohn Wetton

Question 7: ________ of Genesis used rototoms earlier in his career.
No Jacket RequiredPhil CollinsPhil Collins discographyIn the Air Tonight

Question 8: 4 ________ | 5 Snare drum | 6 Hi-hat
Tom-tom drumBass drumCymbalRototom

Question 9: Ride cymbal | China cymbal | Splash cymbal | Sizzle cymbal
Swish cymbal | Cowbell | Wood block | ________
Rototom | Octoban | Hardware

Question 10: Rototoms are often used to extend the tom range of a standard ________.
Tom-tom drumBass drumDrum kitHi-hat


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