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Question 1: Roto-Rooter is a ________ company which originally specialized in clearing tree roots and other obstructions from sewer lines.
United StatesAlaskaCanadaPhilippines

Question 2: Some of the episodes in ________, the TV series, features footage with the two doing plumbing work.
Ghost HuntersGhost huntingParanormal televisionGhost Hunters International

Question 3: Cheech & Chong parodied Roto-Rooter on their album Los Cochinos with a short pseudo-commercial (complete with jingle) for "Peter Rooter", a service that helpfully rids one of "the steady drip, drip, drip of ________."
GonorrheaICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesGranuloma inguinaleChancroid

Question 4: The ________ episode "Patriot Games" has Peter doing a commercial for a car dealership, using a Roto-Rooter style jingle.
Family Guy (season 4)The Cleveland ShowThe SimpsonsFamily Guy

Question 5: Many who were eager for work in the midst of the ________ started their own Roto-Rooter businesses throughout the upper Midwest, the Great Plains and the Northeast.
Democratic Party (United States)Republican Party (United States)Great DepressionFederal Reserve System

Question 6: Blanc) ________ apartment to seek a better solution.
Dubuque, IowaColumbus, OhioDes Moines, IowaWest Des Moines, Iowa

Question 7: In 1980, the Blanc family sold Roto-Rooter Corporation to ________-based Chemed Corporation.
ClevelandCincinnatiHamilton County, OhioColumbus, Ohio

Question 8: Blanc's wife, Lettie (née Lettie Jensen), called his ________, a heavy-duty plumber's snake, the "Roto-Rooter."[2]
InventionDutch inventions and discoveriesFrench inventions and discoveriesEnglish inventions and discoveries

Question 9: By 1933, Milton & Samuel Blanc had fashioned a sewer-cleaning machine from a washing machine motor, roller skate wheels and a 3/8" ________ cable.
IronStainless steelSteelCarbon steel


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