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Question 1: [5] The ________, previously considered to be a separate phylum, have been unequivocally demonstrated to be modified rotifers.

Question 2: Rotifers may be in competition with ________ and copepods for phytoplanktonic food sources.
CrustaceanCladoceraNotostracaTriops longicaudatus

Question 3: Like ________, rotifers contribute to nutrient recycling.

Question 4: The word "rotifer" is derived from a Latin word meaning "________-bearer,[7] due to the corona around the mouth that in motion resemble a wheel (though the organ does not actually rotate).

Question 5: [4] He was also the first to publish observations of the ________ of certain species after drying.
BibleResurrectionJesusBiblical canon

Question 6: The rotifers make up a phylum of microscopic and near-microscopic pseudocoelomate ________.

Question 7: They were first described by Rev. John Harris in 1696, and other forms were described by ________ in 1703.
DelftAntonie van LeeuwenhoekRegnier de GraafBacteria

Question 8: Some rotifers are free swimming and truly ________, others move by inchworming along the substrate, and some are sessile, living inside tubes or gelatinous holdfasts that are attached to a substrate.
PlanktonPrimary productionPhytoplanktonZooplankton

Question 9: [1] In 1702, ________ gave a detailed description of Rotifer vulgaris and subsequently described Melicerta ringens and other species.
Regnier de GraafDelftAntonie van LeeuwenhoekBacteria


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