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Rotating magnetic field: Quiz


Question 1: ________ a magnetic field that rotates spatially
InductrackFerromagnetismFree electron laserHalbach array

Question 2: Rotating magnetic fields are also used in ________.
Brushless DC electric motorAC motorElectric motorInduction motor

Question 3: Also in 1888, Ferraris published his research in a paper to the Royal Academy of Sciences in ________.

Question 4: C Mackechnie Jarvis, "________ and the induction motor".
Alexander Graham BellElectricityNikola TeslaWardenclyffe Tower

Question 5: ________ claimed in his autobiography that he identified the concept of the rotating magnetic field in 1882.
Wardenclyffe TowerAlexander Graham BellNikola TeslaElectricity

Question 6: This effect was utilized in early alternating current ________.
AC motorElectrical generatorInduction motorElectric motor

Question 7: In these motors, the short circuited turns of the rotor develop eddy currents in the rotating field of stator which in turn move the rotor by ________.
ElectromagnetismLorentz forceMagnetic fieldMaxwell's equations

Question 8: A ________ rotating magnetic field can be produced with as few as three coils.
Group (mathematics)Symmetry (physics)Euclidean groupSymmetry

Question 9: A rotating magnetic field is a ________ which changes direction at (ideally) a constant angular rate.
Maxwell's equationsMagnetic momentMagnetismMagnetic field


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