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Rotary valve: Quiz


Question 1: Controlling the steam and exhaust ports of steam engines, most notably in the ________.
Sleeve valvePoppet valveSlide valveCorliss steam engine

Question 2: ________ F-attachment valves are usually rotary, with several variations on the basic design also in use, such as the Thayer axial-flow valve and Hagmann valve.
TromboneClarinetHorn (instrument)20th-century classical music

Question 3: A rotary valve is a type of ________ in which the rotation of a passage or passages in a transverse plug regulates the flow of liquid or gas through the attached pipes.
ValveEngineDiesel engineInternal combustion engine

Question 4: Certain types of ________ gasoline engines.
Manifold (automotive)Four-stroke engineOil pump (internal combustion engine)Two-stroke engine

Question 5: Many European ________ players tend to favor rotary valves.
Brass instrumentCornetTromboneTrumpet

Question 6: In the context of ________, rotary valves are found on horns, trumpets, trombones, flugelhorns, and tubas.
CornetAlto hornEuphoniumBrass instrument


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